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The end of the season always leaves me a little tired and ready for a break. Add on some job stress and changing (colder) weather and this year’s motivation has been… lacking. I’ve kept up with my weekly dressage lessons, but otherwise we’ve just done a lot of hacking and some lunging. I used to beat myself up over this, but a few years ago I realized it happens every year and every year, after some time off, my motivation comes back and it’s all good. Reason #297 to own an amateur-friendly horse who doesn’t care how many times he’s ridden.

Not impressed by clipping though

We had Sharon White at the farm for a clinic two weekends ago so I went and audited a good number of lessons, made easier by the fact that we had a gorgeous 60 degree weekend. One of my best friends has been riding a horse for another boarder and she rode in the clinic so I wanted to grab photos and video for her, plus I always love watching Sharon and learning from her.

Party clip for a party pony

In my dressage lessons, we’ve been working on changing some of my biomechanics which has left me sore AF multiple weeks in a row. We’re also doing bit experimenting, which might be up there with saddle and swimsuit shopping in my least favorite things. Could (and probably will) write an entire post about that… I think we’ve found a good option for now, knock on wood. I’ve also got a review to write on a new bridle I picked up about a month ago, some breeches to review and maybe a general update on what we’re wearing (me and Archie) because obviously, that’s the important content here.

Not impressed when I took his BOT off to ride

This upcoming weekend I’m riding in a clinic with Shannon Lilley, so I figured I should prrrrobbbably jump my horse before that… showing up to a clinic having not jumped in 7 weeks isn’t the greatest look. I rode Tuesday, then the weather got gross, work got hectic and I ended up not riding again until my lesson on Saturday. Oops. Add in a 30 degree morning and the fact it decided to snow during my (outdoor) lesson, it could have been a recipe for disaster.

So cute tho

Instead Archie totally stepped up to the plate and said, “got this mom” and jumped around like a perfect little schoolmaster. The jumps were small, but he was adjustable, honest (even when I buried him into an oxer, oops) and downright happy to jump around. It was a great knock the dust off lesson before we ride with Shannon this weekend (8:45 am lesson on Saturday, OMG hope we don’t freeze to death).

How we feel about the temperatures

There’s a lot of exciting stuff keeping me busy in the background that isn’t quite ready to be talked about publicly yet that’s dominating my brain cells, so things here are kind of boring, but… fun things coming soon!

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