Equestrian Analytics and Data Analysis

In my non-horsey life (wait, there’s a such thing?), I work for a school of medicine doing business intelligence and analytics. Which is a fancy way of saying I play in Excel and SPSS and Tableau and Power BI all day and try to turn our huge data sets of operational, financial and other things into actionable information. Which is another fancy way of saying: numbers.

I play with numbers. I geek out on numbers. It’s no secret I freaking love medicine – working in healthcare is my favorite (for reals if you ever want to talk hospitals, medicine, health policy, come chat with a girl). Now I get to make decisions based on actual data.

I haven’t been cool enough to start playing with horse numbers yet, but I love reading those who have. So here’s my lit review (lolz no) of blogger and other data analysis type projects as they relate to ponies – and if you have more, send ’em my way, both for my entertainment, but also as a way to assemble data in one place for others who may be interested. These are just what I had saved or stumbled across.

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  1. Ohhh this is such good stuff *____* I’m not good enough with stats to actually do the analyses but I do enjoy reading them, and I love that (hopefully) having data means you aren’t relying (as much) on what you remember your weak spots last year were, or whatever.

  2. I have all my Equisense data on a spreadsheet. One day I’ll do something with it and see if I come up with any interesting conclusions. I actually was wondering if I had spotted a pattern in the symmetry rating related to farrier visits, so one say I’ll geek out and see what I come up with.

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