About the Horse

Doc is an 18 year old American Saddlebred gelding owned by my trainer C. She’s had him for 12 years and they’ve done everything from recognized eventing and dressage, to foxhunting, to camping and being a saint for her adorable son. Doc is far too smart for his own good, a fact he regularly reminds us, his commoners’, of.

Quirks include a hatred of wearing boots, an ability to remove all grazing muzzles, faking you out that he is physically incapable of doing something when he wants to, and telling on every single mistake you’re making.

He’s a saint who takes basically any distance I give him, even when they suck (aka most of the time), loves to go run cross-country and thinks spook means raise your head and walk at a slightly increased pace. He is one of the first and only horses I trust to go gallop on, he tattles on all my crookedness and makes me feel like huh, maybe I can go jump that.