2018 Blogger Secret Santa

While I was gone for Christmas, a most fun package arrived in the midwest. And what’s more fun than coming home post-holidays to more presents, right? Yes, my Equestrian Blogger Secret Santa gift arrived courtesy christian cafe dating!

I immediately know it was going to be good because the card featured one of Emma’s famous jumper silhouettes. Upon closer examination, I realized it’s Doc and I over a XC jump in one of my favorite photos! (#datSaddlebredtail gives it away every time) I mean, personalized card?! Amaze.

Then to open up gifts and find the most perfect zipper case from http://partyponyeventing.com/houston-singles/ at Bel Joeor in grey and blue, complete with galloping horse and rider (um, it also totally reminds me of said-favorite galloping XC photo which is amazing). I freaking love keeping things in pouches and containers so this was perfect. It’s already become storage for hairnets and hairties in my backpack because I had a habit of tossing them into the same compartment as gloves and destroying them with velcro. Immediate life improvement.

This totally would have been gift enough, but inside the bag Emma included two gorgeous little pouches (more CONTAINERS YAY) with unicorn socks (totally becoming my new XC socks) and a hand warmer (how u know me so well thx), plus peppermints for Doc (he says thank you, need moar, ate all).

All in all, an amazing and perfect Secret Santa gift and thank you as always to Tracy for hosting!

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  1. Aw yay merry Christmas girl!! Glad you like the swag and the card too – I had a lot of fun making that 😉 wishing you a wonderful 2019!

  2. Yay that is a great card (and great gifts) I have the bag with a purple horse on it (I bought it last year) and love it!! It is really a great size bag! Emma is so talented with that card if it had been me it would have looked like one of those cutouts a 3 year old does 🙂 HA

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