I’m re-evaluating my pain tolerance levels after today’s ortho appointment went something like…

Doctor: “When did this happen?”
Me: Uh, the 17th…
Doctor: “And you went to the ER?”
Me: No, I just drove home.
Doctor: “And since then what have you been doing?”
Me: …Going to work?
Doctor: “You realize most people with this injury are laid up in bed in pain, right? And you drove home and went about your life?”

So, uh, oops? I always thought I had a low pain tolerance, but I guess that might not be so accurate? But kudos, Dr Ortho, for making me feel like a badass.

That’s the positive part.

I’m officially grounded for minimum 3 months.

That’s the not-so-positive part.

Best laid plans and all.

No riding, no lifting anything heavier than a milk jug, no running. Also, apparently no hiking, skiing, rock climbing, skateboarding or gymnastics. No worries there doc.

For three months.

Waving goodbye to half my show season…

Also add a suuuuppperrr fashionable back brace for those three months, a veritable pharmacy in my bathroom, an MRI and re-check x-rays every 4 weeks, hoping to avoid surgery.

It’s a bucket of fun over here, lemme tell ya.

And of course he felt the need to remind me three months is just for it to heal – to be back at 100% will probably take longer. Just to dig that knife a little deeper.

OH! I’m also supposed to move into a new place May 10th. Hahahaha, c’mon, laugh with me now. Yeah, that’s going to be great since I can’t pack anything.

To add some perspective, I’m really really glad this wasn’t worse, I know I was lucky, I have health insurance, I have a job I can continue to do… I am grateful. But I’m also throwing a pity party because UGH I WANT TO.


In the meantime… I guess I now have three months to occupy myself with low impact activities.

(And how does one recruit a grocery shopping helper when she needs more La Croix? Look pitiful?)

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  1. I’m so sorry, that really really sucks 🙁 like yes what a relief it wasn’t worse, but damn it’s still pretty bad. Terrible timing too, ugh. Take good care of yourself tho and hopefully this three months will fly by and you can start rehabbing and getting strong again!!

  2. First off, start ordering all your groceries for delivery. Seriously. Have a friend come and unpack for you when they arrive. Do you have family nearby? I hope so (I can’t remember). But take care of yourself and before you know it this will be a bad memory (I had a similar injury when i was much younger but mine was not fractured but merely compressed (sucked still) when I hydroplaned into a culvert. Seat belt snapped my back (OR COMPRESSED IT) I still say that is why i am only 5.4 instead of 5.5 anymore 😉 HA..

    Hope you feel better soon!!! And hope it doesnt take that long to get back into normal life….:(

  3. Dang, I’m so sorry! I had to take a few months off after my concussion and it sucked, but I’m honestly glad I did. It didn’t take me as long to get back into the swing of things as I thought.

  4. I second the get all your groceries delivered idea. Three months will go faster than you think. One thing I found that really helped was getting a recliner. The position it let me sit in was the best for my back. Sometimes I’d even wake up in pain and go out to sleep on the recliner. I’m sorry again that this happened you.

  5. Such a bummer! I say if you can’t have it delivered, then bribe friend with a grocery item when you make them go with you!

    One pack of la croix for you, one for them…etc. etc.

  6. UGH! I’m so sorry! That SUCKS. If you lived closer, I’d totally help you carry groceries.
    I’m also glad it’s not worse, blah, blah, blah. But still it totally blows, and you should have as big a pity party as you feel is necessary.

  7. Ugh even with all the positives that is still the pits. Also moving with a broken back, adding insult to injury. Hopefully you have some fab friends who can help you out!

  8. Ugh I am SO SO SORRY! That is awful. So awful. I’d also be throwing a giant pity party. But kudos to being a total bad ass!! We literally have people come into the ER at my hospital for stubbing a toe. Yes, stubbing a toe.

    Fyi- Amazon pantry is the shit and you can order all the La Croix you want, (although they are lacking some of the better Curate flavors), and they deliver it straight to your house for like $6 bucks.

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