A favor to ask…

I promise it is a very small one!

About 9 months ago, I swapped human medicine for veterinary medicine, moved to Indiana and haven’t looked back since. In my new role, I got to be a part of opening a brand new clinic here in Indy: 14,000 sq ft combined general practice and specialty/emergency practice in a gorgeous building with all the top of the line things. It’s awesome what I get to see our staff do for animals with the technology and skill they have (real life, someone did CPR on a turtle last week, casual).

It’s pretty!

Our building is actually now up forhttp://partyponyeventing.com/top-senior-dating-sites-free/ and one part of that is a People’s Choice Award.

Not these People’s Choice Awards

If you would take a few minutes out of your day to look through some really pretty photos of a really pretty veterinary hospital and vote, I would be immensely grateful. If said vote were to go to Noah’s Animal Hospitals in Indianapolis, IN, I would be like 100x immensely grateful.

This is the beginning and end of my illustrious modeling career. No, that is not my dog.

The link to more photos and information about our practice is http://partyponyeventing.com/best-dating-app-in-uae/ and you can cast your vote here until March 31st. And if you happen to be local to me, shoot me an e-mail or text or Instagram DM or telegram or whatever and I would love nothing more than to take you on a tour, meet some of our vets and introduce you to our practice in person!

Talking about our practice like


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  1. It really looks amazing! I looked at the pictures with my son and we voted for you 🙂 Wish we were closer to do the tour! Best of luck with the competition. BTW – if you don’t have it in the US and haven’t seen it already you must check out a series we have over here called ‘Super Vet’ – you would love it, his practice is amazing. Europafox x

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