Behind the name

While I’m hinted at the origin story behind the blog’s name before, I realized I never actually put it somewhere for people to understand. So, in a fit of boredom (omg -6 degrees is TOO COLD PEOPLE) I finally wrote something up. It’s under About, but can also be found should you find yourself curious.

My lead rope was frozen into this piece of sculptural art this morning…

With that, here’s to hoping for a warmer weekend so I can actually like, ride my horse? He’s had his feet done, seen the vet (just routine), has a new saddle, made friends in turnout (would love to know why his friend Freddie thinks licking his muddy legs is fun?) and now it’s time to kick spring off. IEA is going to be here before we know it!

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  1. brghh stay warm…….that is nuts. It is 60 today and was 20 two days ago. I give up on what to wear even going out in the truck. I layer up and shed as needed 😉

    Can’t wait for you and Iggy to start your season!! YAY

    and I love the name marescara 🙂 and I love the loudest paint possible so that may also be why I love it 🙂

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