Confessing to my sins

Literally. Just a list. I’ll say more later but I need to like… write this down to face up to my sins.

  • Used CWD Figure 8 Bridle
  • Invictus half pad (okay, ordered pre-pandemic though!)
  • Dy’on reins
  • Athleta sports bra
  • Albion dressage girth
  • Majyk Equipe space (ice) boots
  • Ego7 show shirt
  • Custom browband
  • Two custom bonnets
  • Grey Horse Candle Co. candles
  • Jo Malone candle
  • Nespresso pods
  • Lou & Grey sweatpants
  • M-61 Power Peels
  • $200 worth of lumber from Home Depot
  • 8 qts of paint from Sherwin Williams
  • 3 qts of paint from Benjamin Moore
  • Stop molding from Menards
  • A jigsaw
  • A new carpenter’s square
  • Drawer pulls
  • Cabinet knobs
  • Bathroom faucets
  • Towel hooks
  • A MINDD bra
  • Bathroom light fixture + bulbs
  • Towel ring + toilet paper holder
  • A fly sheet

I… think that’s everything? This is what happens when you lock me inside my house without my pony OKAY.

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    1. It all happened slowly! The horse stuff was all things that I’ve needed and I found them on sale… the house stuff is due to being locked in my house = actually doing projects I’ve been procrastinating!

  1. hahahhaomg that is hilarious…you are SO BAD. ps is your bathroom done yet?? 🙂 HA

    i havent bought anything but groceries and pet supplies. You all are making me feel bad (as in not as cool as you guys) HAHAHAHHA

    I do want to buy a trailer. I need enabling as I have lost my mojo 🙂

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