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You know what I love about Iggy? He’s little. Holly sized. Fun sized. Cute and snuggly sized. Doesn’t-hurt-your-ankles-to-dismount-in-winter little.

You know what now drives me bonkers about Iggy? He’s little. So little. Too little for all the things, little.

Why has this frustration come about?

Two things: pony dressage reins and 16″ girths.

I said it. I thought I was bringing home a normal, albeit on the smaller side horse. Instead I brought home an oversized Labrador Retriever. You know what you get when you google 16″ girths? Dog harnesses.

Or when you find an actual option for horses, they’re either $200 or made of questionable material and a lack of roller buckles (WHY?). And none of them come in brown, meaning I may be going XC in a very appealing combination of brown saddle/black girth this spring. Much fashun, so style.

Don’t get me started on pony length dressage reins.

(Actually, Nunn Finer makes pony length reins in their soft grip which is what I like and will probably buy, but they’re also the same price as the horse ones which seems wrong for 12″ less material…)

Trying to take conformation pics was a struggle…

My saddle pads are… mostly do-able on him, although he could probably wear a pony size pad too. Cob size bridles abound in my tack box. (Yet his cob halter doesn’t fit in the throat???) Thank God 74″ and 76″ blankets are at least relatively easy to find.

Does this mean I can join the ‘cool ponies who do cool things’ club even if mine technically doesn’t measure? Current members I know of are sober dating and the best online dating app, but I feel like membership is welcoming.

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  1. Lol – my 15.1hh and 15 1/2″ hh horses both wear 75/78″ blankets and dressage girths that are between 26″ and 30″. The short flaps of my saddles probably have something to do with that though!

  2. Daww. My horses range from 14.1 (Q) to 15.3 (Stan). Grif is a solid 15hh. Stan has the tiniest heart girth of all three even though he has the most height! Fortunately, no one wears a 16″ girth though. My word… I didn’t know such a thing existed. Pony reins on the other hand are something I’ve definitely considered but then balked for the same pricing issue you note!

  3. Dawww. He’s adorbs tho.
    Also, at 16″girth my mind immediately went to if I could wrap my legs entirely around him. This is my dream for bareback riding bc I’m a huge (literally) wimp.

    All the shopping luck to you!

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