Longest 10 Days

We’re 10 days into 2020 and it’s been… a year. Already. Could we just chill and have a drink here for a second and not jump headfirst off a cliff? Apparently not.

First things first, I came back from vacation to a box from Genny for Secret Santa! She knocked it out of the park too. The Charlie Mackey book I’ve wanted, a snuggly navy hat, an adorable keychain charm and the best smelling hand lotion (that mayyyy be already partially gone) – it’s like she knew everything that would make me happy and sent all of them.

But then the new year came and with it, brought a gross disgusting virus that laid me flat out for four days and had me hacking my lungs up. Lovely. Luckily, I recovered from that in time to go pick up the cabinets for the kitchen island I’m building – had a whole plan how I was going to prime and sand this weekend, lay out the island next week… Well.

In unloading said cabinets (yes, ALONE I KNOW IT WAS DUMB OKAY), I managed to get two of the three done. And then promptly dropped the third and caught my right middle finger between it and a metal pole. After cursing a lot, I went inside and watched it gradually grow larger and turn fun colors all night. But, I mean… it’s a finger, right? I was out of tape at home so I figured I’d just ask a nurse at work the next day to tape it.

Not so straightforward seeing as one of the docs I work with looked at it and went, “Uhhh you’re not taping that, you’re going to a hand specialist like.. tomorrow.”



Normal people break their foot – maybe an easy to fix bone, a toe, etc. I break my foot (circa 2016), I break a weird ass bone and end up in a boot for 5 months.

Normal people break a finger, they buddy tape, go about life. I break a finger, I end up in a massive splint contraption for 10 days before finding out if I need surgery to fix the fact that my finger is now crooked. Awesome.

Mix in we’re also working on a scar on my chin and that appointment happened Wednesday afternoon so I have a bruised face.

I am well on my way to being in pieces by February.

But at least my health insurance deductible might be hit by then?

(HAHA I haven’t even mentioned the bunny I found and how I fostered a damn RABBIT with a Jack Russell in the house…)


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  1. Please let’s not kill yourself in January..okay? 🙂 UGH

    I have done stupid stuff like that. I have a dent and pain in top of my hand from putting my hand on a post and the side by side pinning it to the post. Not as bad yours but still hurts…hmmm maybe I should have gotten xrays? You still win!! HA HA HA

    And I told you we were finding bunnies all the time in my old neighborhood in DE. Idiots were setting them free. I think we found five over all. CRAZY…i was like dont let them loose. UGH People…

    and i had to laugh at the JRT comment. I dont know how you did that with a rabbit!

  2. 2020 has been a real slap in the face so far — I keep telling myself that maybe it’ll just get all the crap stuff over quickly and then all the good stuff will happen? Maybe? Please?

    I’m so glad you liked your gift 🙂 It’s always fun to shop for fellow horse people!

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