Name that baby

Now that everyone got to meet Baby Pie, we’re looking to enlist some help – naming him! We’ve all thrown around some ideas on a group text, but haven’t come up with anything we love yet. We would love to crowdsource any and all ideas from y’all.

His sire is Spooks Gotta Gun, this hunk here.


Sadie, his dam’s, registered name is Real to Reel (Real Bonanza x Coorina Corina)

Sadie in her life as a show horse, circa 2011

The APHA naming rules are:

Names may not exceed 21 characters and spaces combined. No two horses registered by the association may have the same name or a name that sounds similar. You may not use punctuation marks, numbers, Roman numerals or profanity in the name.

Without touching politics (just, like… not here), anything ‘gun’ is a little touchy right now. Thoughts are something maybe old western-y, John Wayne, southwestern (being that he’s a New Mexico-bred)… Honestly, I’m a little stumped here.

For inspiration, here’s Pie lounging in the sunshine today with mom. Life’s pretty hard, guys.


Should a name suggested here end up being what he’s registered under (it’s obviously not my final decision), I’ll put together a little gift pack for the originator – I’m thinking an Ogilvy baby pad or a gift card?

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  1. I love him. I want to pet him LOL. I love those flashy paints.

    Using names in bloodlines (some may already be in use and I know they probably aren’t special enough for him….:)
    Im Real (Or Reel) Spooky
    Gotta Be Real (or Real)
    Gotta Coorina Light
    Spooks Gotta Be Real (or Reel LOL)

    I will have to think about the New Mexico/John Wayne/Western type of names.

    I do think he is lovely! And love both his parents too 🙂

  2. From Real Bonanza, and because he’s a NM-bred, what about Bonanza City–a ghost town in NM and according to google a movie set (I guess?) which is sort of John Wayne-y and westerny as well.

  3. Gotta Reel Lawman. IncludesDad, Mom, and John Wayne played a lot of lawmen, who carried guns. (Deputy, sheriff, ranger also work.) Movies were on reels back in the day.

    (and because nobody wants a horse named Really Gotta Spook)

  4. Literally just started following you but ah I’m a sucker for baby naming! And he’s so cute!
    First one kinda playing off BetC in WI but has probably already been taken..

    Gotta Real Outlaw
    Star Reels Bonanza (makes no sense honestly just like how it sounds)
    Gotta Cooral Corona (bringing grandma back in and said as corral)
    Bandit Bonanza
    Gotta Starina Western
    Reel Back Reality

  5. Okay, I may have gone a little overboard…

    So for names that go with Pie’s bloodlines:
    Shoot for the Stars
    Spooks Bonanza
    Gotta Real Coosa
    Spooks Scotchman
    Macallan Fine and Rare (The most “exclusive scotch”)

    Names for the John Wayne theme:
    High and Mighty Spook
    Gotta Jet Pilot
    Spooks True Grit

    Names that elude to being born in New Mexico:
    A Southwest Spook
    Reel Rio Grande
    Shiprock Spook
    A Real Navajo

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