30 Special Kinds of Crazy

I think these have been so much to fun that I couldn’t hold back on joining in, despite being pretty sure I am not a very interesting (just weird) person.

  1. My degrees are in Business/Industrial/Org Psychology and Healthcare Administration (masters). I loved school so much and would go back and stay in school collecting degrees forever if I had the funds to do so. 100% serious.
  2. To go off the first one, I’m a complete health policy nerd. I love reading about it, learning about it, all of it, even though it also makes me want to cry/jump off a building/slam my head into a wall in this country.
  3. I’ve broken my left foot twice, both in dumb ways, neither involving horses. Different bones though.

    Living boot life at grad school graduation
  4. My brain thinks in Excel spreadsheets. I love Excel spreadsheets. I want everything to be in Excel spreadsheets, color coordinated and in a pivot chart.
  5. I was in an awful riding accident at age 9 when a horse ran me through a fence. It destroyed my confidence for years in many, many ways.
    This left a super cool scar though?

    Worst iPhone image of my scar today…
  6. My side hustle is making ugly PowerPoints beautiful.

    Competing at case competition where we had the most beautiful of all the presentations.
  7. I’ve lived in New Mexico, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Indiana. Places I’d love to live include Phoenix, Ft Worth, Raleigh, and Greenville (SC), among others.

    Tan and blonde in Asheville, NC
  8. Food-wise, I’ll try anything once. I consider myself a relatively adventurous eater. I order all my steaks http://partyponyeventing.com/senior-women-dating/ – basically as rare as possible. My friends all think this is horrifying. My family has gotten used to it. Mostly.

    Including fish I caught myself
  9. I have a few soapboxes I will go off on. A few of them are vaccinating your kids (WHY ARE WE EVEN HAVING THIS DISCUSSION) and irresponsible antibiotic use/antibiotic resistance. Thrilling stuff, right? Yes, I probably should have been a pharmacist.

    Instead I just go to medical professionals weddings
  10. I was the first girl born in 48 years on one side of the family and the first grandchild on the other.
  11. When I moved to Alabama at 18, I did not own an umbrella, a rain jacket or rain boots. New Mexico kid problems at their finest.

    I was also a baby. A CHILD. OMG.
  12. I have a serious love of designer shoes. When I wasn’t riding and was working in a corporate setting, I accumulated, um, a lot, of fancy heels. I can’t bring myself to get rid of them.

    This is not all inclusive…
  13. I also have a serious love of makeup and skincare and all the beauty products. See: blog name. I’m also perpetually running late in the morning and use nothing but mascara and SPF. But seriously, my collection would make you cry. Or run away, depending on who you are.

    Fixing my hair, typical
  14. I’m not afraid of planes or boats or sharks or snakes… but I am afraid of escalators. I will ride them, but they seriously give me cold sweats. The long, steep ones in subway stations are the actual worst. Barf.

    Will ride in helicopters though!
  15. I’ve been to 37 states and 9 countries and while I love to travel, I also really love sleeping in my own bed.

    Fishing with dad in Florida… my family’s preferred pasttime
  16. Staedtler Triplus Fineliners are the only pens I will use at work and everyone knows if you steal mine, I will hunt you down. I actually keep a separate stash of pens just for people to borrow. Told you I was a special kind of crazy.
  17. I am a very high maintenance sleeper. Pitch black, cold (like preferably 62-64 degrees), fan on, heavy blanket, silent. Also, never buy your child a queen size bed at age 8.

    I also have one younger hockey-playing brother
  18. I hate going to the movies because I can’t sit still and do one thing that long. I would much rather watch it at home where I can also be on my phone/computer/playing with the dog. Such a millennial.

    Issues? Never
  19. I’m fascinated with personality and what makes people ‘tick’ and how we’re different styles of learners and communicators and how perception impacts us. Like, way too into it probably.
  20. I love to ski, but can only afford one expensive sport, and I’ve found I’ve gotten much more cautious the older I get. (Except on horses?)
  21. I am a champion sleeper. Normal people are great on 8 hours, functional on 6. I am functional on 8, much prefer 10. Or 12. I keep waiting for the day I don’t need as much sleep as your average 2nd grader, but it hasn’t come yet. It’s 100% a real reason (not the only one, but one of them) that I didn’t go into medicine as a physician or nurse. Residency would actually kill me.
  22. I have a perpetual reoccurring dream I have a physics test I haven’t studied for the next day and no matter how many times I have it, it never ceases to give me anxiety. Physics is also the least favorite class I’ve ever taken. In general I have really vivid dreams and and on more than one occasion I have woken up wondering/thinking these things actually happened.
  23. I am a nervous anxious wreck about the most menial things possible thanks to being a little Type A perfectionist, but put me in a real emergency and I’m super calm and take charge. I loved being on incident response/planning when I worked in a hospital.

    Doing tornado recovery in Alabama, spring 2011
  24. There are a limited number of foods I hate, but they are entirely random: cucumbers, jalapenos, olives, cherries, pickles. I had a coconut aversion for a long time, but it’s grown on me. I don’t like pulpy fruit, but it’s the pulp, not the actual fruit, so I can handle them on occasion.
  25. My body is just downright terrible at regulating temperature. I am never the right temperature. My house is set at 64 degrees because I hate getting hot, but then I also wear sweatshirts and slippers everywhere. As I sit in my office right now, I have on a jacket, a blanket and a heater blowing on me.

    It was like 70 degrees
  26. My eyesight is terrible. Like approximately 20/800. It’s not ‘can’t read the eye chart’, but literally cannot see the eye chart exists. I’ve had glasses since I was 8 and contacts since I was 12.

    Needed some Lucy here
  27. My drink of choice is champagne. Beer is fine, wine is fine, cocktails are nice and good, but champagne is where my heart lies. My motto is quite literal when it says, “Champagne taste, tap water budget.”

    Fun fact: that lipstick color is called Palomino and that might be 90% of the reason I bought it.
  28. “Gross” things don’t gross me out – draining abscesses, lacerations, hematomas, injuries… If anything I find them fascinating and want to watch. If you post a photo of your horse’s gory injury (cough Emma), I will probably demand you take more photos.
  29. When I get really stressed out, my left eye twitches.

    Not stressed out in Greece
  30. I absolutely love working in medicine – human, veterinary – all of it. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Reading back through these, I feel like it can all be summed up as anxiety prone girly-girl who also loves gross medical things and sleeps a lot.

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  1. I don’t want to get all ranty… but Yes to number 9! Why are these even things that can be argued?
    12 is why we would be good friends if we lived near each other.
    And 14! I’m not afraid of them anymore, but am still pretty cautious. When I was a little kid, my shoe lace got caught in the escalator at the top (it was going up) and I thought it was going to eat my foot. (It wasn’t. But I thought that.) And my dad very heroically ripped my shoelace in half to save me. It scarred me for a very long time.
    I’m working on my own version of this post, but 30 things is a lot!

    1. Omg just reading that makes me nauseous. That’s one of my very worst fears. I actually double check my shoelaces before I get on any escalator. Or falling down one of those really steep ones? AGH.

  2. If someone would pay for it, I would totally stay in school forever. And OMG vaccinating your child…I could debate this forever. Just do it, people. I have an Excel brain also, live by Excel!

  3. lol love all these! I love getting to know everyone even better!!! And LOL on the scar. I have one on my back with 17 sticks from a horse pulling me thru a wire mesh in my barn in Texas.

    1. Holy cow! Mine was only 8, but that’s because it was so deep and dirty, they wanted it loose for drainage (gross, right?). I should add a photo of the scar now…

  4. Ummm your brother looks just like Dax Shepard!!!!! I seriously had to read the caption to realize he wasn’t Dax! Unless he is and your younger brother IS Dax Shepard????? Lol JK that would mean you are a lot older than you really are if DS was your younger brother 🙂

    1. Hahahah, I promise he is not Dax Shepard – he’s only 19 and I think it’s mostly just that photo, because he doesn’t really look like him in real life. But I’m totally going to tell him that someone thought that; he’ll get a kick out of it.

    2. Don’t mind me over here a week after the last comment…
      I would love to go back to school – except $$$ and I’m not exactly sure for what. Also yay Indiana! Kinda… execpt it snowed last night (not sure where you’re at) and I’m already way past winter. Sigh.
      Love me some personality stuff! Like you, probably too much. It’s ranged from more conventional psychology to all the stuff psychologists hate lol.

      Have to note that my eyesight is atrocious too Haha! Glasses from the age of 4 and had to have a surgery as a kid just so I *could* wear contacts. Struggles. Completely relate to not going into medicine because of my sleep problems – but then again, medical school places zero value on sleep and typically has a single lecture on it (!!!) unless you’re going that route soo… Yea so many things messed up with that.

  5. Have you ever had to do the double/triple escalators at stadiums and such…the ones that are kind of “free floating” in the middle of a space? I pretty much melted down on one. Worth it to buy lower level tickets just to avoid (I hate heights). They are the worst!

  6. We could be twins. I also sleep 10 hours a night, LOVE champs, live for medicine and all things medical, and am predominately type A. Loved learning more about you!

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