Pros and Cons of Lawn Darting

Pro: My horse is athletic enough to leave from like, the next county over and jump clean.

Con: I am not athletic enough to stay on when this happens.


Pro: Head didn’t hit the ground! Nothing broken!

Con: Back muscles are very, very angry with me.

From Friday, where I forgot breeches and had to ride in jeans and WHY DID WE ALL DO THIS VOLUNTARILY CIRCA 2008 GUYS

Pro: Horse stopped and did not step on me.

Con: Ended up on ground, not on top of horse.


Pro: I can’t get a pair of pants on. Which means I don’t have to wear pants.

Con: I still  have to get dressed and go to work.

But my new keychain is the cutttteesssttttt

Pro: Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen are great!

Con: Might not have kidneys by the time this is over*


Pro: Got to catch up on a ton of TV this weekend

Con: Might not have any brain cells left


Pro: Got my money back on my show entry for next weekend

Con: Not showing next weekend


Pro: Only ruined my shirt, not the Animo breeches I had on

Con: Pretty sure my shirt was an omen for Carolina basketball

Pro: Not on video as evidence like uh, all of my other falls

Con: You don’t get to watch me lawn dart through the air.


Happy March Madness y’all!

*  Don’t worry I’m carefully monitoring my dosages!

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  1. i am sorry you ‘were a lawn dart’ that sucks ;( I hope you are feeling better and bounce back soon!! Sorry about the shirt too!..>Horses…right?? 🙂
    love the pros and cons though 🙂

  2. I think the takeaway here is that you’re able to find the good in this situation. Sorry you hit the dirt. Judging by the state of your already washed shirt, it was a doozy. Hope you’re feeling better asap!

  3. Oh yikes! But I honestly did get a good giggle out of the shirt being an omen for basketball.

    Hope you’re on the up and up soon!

  4. I did something similar back in November (no jumps involved in the fall… which is better? worse? lol). Also sorry… but I was cheering for A&M, so maybe it wasn’t *all* the shirt ?? Hope you keep on the recovery train tho!

  5. And then circa 2002 we all wore less stretchy jeans with full chaps. But then everyone’s French saddles got tears in the seats from the jeans. Best worst thing to happen. I hope you bounce back soon!

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