September Favorites

One of my favorite blogs (non-horsey) does a post of her favorite things at the end of each month and I always love reading it so I decided I’m copying and doing it here too!

Coat in action, photo @skipperdoodlefritz

dating app coffee and bagel

It’s not like I’m the first person to rave about their mesh show jacket but… damn, I love mine. They are just so much more comfortable in the heat, still look good and are so easy to care for. Mine gets shoved into my tack trunk after my rounds and I just shake it out and it’s good to go. Mine is a large and aside from the sleeves being a little long, honestly fits me great. No show coat is particularly flattering on me (hi boobs), but I think this is one of the best out there. Except now I want another one (if they ever come out with an olive green, I’m done for)

Short sleeve shirt

Ego7 Show Shirts

The of these I picked up on a whim off Facebook for an insane deal. Once I wore it a few times, I realized I never wanted to wear another show shirt again. Their fabric is this awesome stretchy athletic tech fabric that still looks nice and washes up well. Again, tight white shirts aren’t really my favorite thing to wear for my body type, but if you’re also well-endowed I can’t recommend these enough. I searched and ended up finding two more, and one short, both with navy accents and I love them even more. 10/10 would totally recommend these.

Bridle bag on right, QHP blanket bag on left

Country Pride 3 Hook Tack Rack Case

I wanted a bridle bag for going to shows, but specifically wanted one with hooks inside, not loops. I hate doing and undoing the loops and wanted to be able to easily hang it on a stall front or in a tack stall. This one was met all my criteria so I bought it. I’ve now taken it a few places and can say it’s worth every penny. It’s less expensive than comparable ones, but I find it to be just as nice. It has three hooks inside (it comes with the hooks!), two to hang it on a stall front and a carrying strap. The zipper isn’t anything special, but I haven’t had any issues with it. It’s not huge, but it’s more than sufficient for my two bridles, breastcollar, neckstrap and crops. In a blonde moment, I actually packed my jump girth in it this past weekend too and then panicked when I couldn’t find it in my trunk. I added an iron on monogram with my Cricut, but any decent embroidery shop could also add to it. It also has a front velcro pocket for storage, although I’ll admit I haven’t used that. It would be perfect for little things like extra bits or spurs though.

Ride iQ

This honestly deserves it’s own post and it will probably get one, but I can’t NOT mention it here. I signed up the day they released it publicly and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. I use the lessons all the time between in person lessons with my trainer and I can absolutely say it has improved my riding. I’m prone to either do the same thing in my rides every time, not do enough or get frustrated when I can’t get the same feel I get in my lessons. These days, I pop in an earbud, cue a lesson up and all three of the aforementioned issues don’t occur. I even used it to help with some of my dressage warmup before my coach got there this last weekend.

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  1. Completely unrelated to this post but….my husband surprised me with a weekend getaway to Equitana last weekend and we popped over to the HT. We were sitting by stadium watching some rounds when you were announced! I was shocked I recognized a name. Anyway… you two looked great out there and I adored how much you praised and talked to him. He is a good looking guy too. Hope the rest of the show went well for you two. There was some carnage at the ditch when we watched xc.

    1. Small world! That’s too funny. Wish you’d come and said hi! Thanks for the compliments – if I’m talking I can’t hold my breath so I just chatter away at him the entire time. That ditch was a major issue on the Novice course – they couldn’t really see it until they landed off the brush and it was a big, deep ditch. Even non-ditchy horses had some stops!

  2. I use that bridle bag too! I think mine was from Tough-1 but it’s legit the same thing. I love it!
    I’m definitely intrigued about the Ride IQ app, but I’m waiting until Spring to subscribe. Can’t wait to dive in though!
    I love this Favorite Things concept and hope you make it a regular!

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