Sun Safety – Important Year Round!

You didn’t think you were just going to get ponies around here with a name like Marescara, right? If you don’t care about non-four legged parts, skip on through, but let’s be real I spend way too much money on assorted beauty products not to spend time talking about them.

In an effort to keep it pertinent to horse people (hah to start), let’s talk about sunscreen. I am a sunscreen nut and will yell at you if you’re not wearing enough/not wearing it/don’t care. Don’t want my friends getting skin cancer, okay? Not so much to ask. Luckily we’re living in 2017 and there are options for everyone out there.

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Some of my current favorites?

 So a lot of these are on the higher end of the price spectrum. That’s because I have the world’s most sensitive prone to epic freakouts skin (um, see allergic to my helmet?) and these are what have worked for me. You can definitely find great options in the drugstore or Target. Personally I like the Clarins, MDSolarSciences and Coola for day to day wear, I love the Shiseido for riding and being outdoors and I keep a tube of Neutrogena in my barn backpack.
There are a few things to look out for when you’re deciding on a sunscreen:
Broad Spectrum: Traditional SPF only covered UVB rays – definitely important, but UVA rays are what are known to cause wrinkles and aging. Broad spectrum (or multispectrum) are going to cover both UVA/UVB.
SPF > 15: Most of us are fine wearing SPF 15 (obviously this isn’t medical advice – consult with your doctor if you have specific concerns!) and don’t need the crazy SPF 85 out there. For example, SPF 15 filters out 93% of UVB and SPF 30 filters out 97% – not a huge difference. SPF itself means the multiplication from when your skin would normally burn in minute – eg. if you normally burn in 10, SPF 15 should protect you for 150 minutes.
Water/Sweat Resistant: We ride horses. We sweat (or idk, maybe just me). Resistant does not mean water or sweat PROOF. It means the SPF is effective for 40 minutes in water. In other words, if you’re sweating at a horse show, trail ride or on multiple horses a day – you absolutely need to reapply!
Not just when it’s sunny: You’re like, great Holly, maybe write this in April when we’re about to spend all summer outside. Guess what? Even on the cloudiest of days, 80% of UVB rays still come through. UVB are the burn-causing ones, but both cause skin cancer. So it doesn’t matter if it’s 35 degrees and grey as all get out – put it on.
Use enough: Your face needs about a nickel-size amount alone – and 2 oz. for face and body if that’s exposed too. Don’t forget those sneaky areas – back of neck, upper arms, ears, nose, that exposed spot above your gloves.
UPF Rated Clothing: An average cotton t-shirt only provides the equivalent of 9 UPF protection. By looking for clothing with UPF ratings, you can protect your skin. Kastel provides a ‘high’ level (they don’t give a specific number), Tailored Sportsman sun shirts give 50 UPF, and Bette and Court tops have a 30+ UPF rating, to name a few. It’s an easy way for extra protection.

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  1. Can totally vouch for the Kastel sun protection! I have a short sleeve one that I wore XC schooling last weekend. Despite spraying on sun screen, I have a crazy farmers tan!

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