Bridle Casualty

Spring has stuck around and with it has come the return of outdoor jump lessons. Saturday’s was fantastic, although we had a rocky start. See, to get from the barn to the outdoor, we have to walk through a regular man door. Archie has taken extreme offense to this specific door for months – he is CONVINCED it is a portal to hell. We’ve mostly conquered this fear until this last weekend where I managed to pretty much reinstall the ‘demons live here’ by accident.

Different day, same portal to hell

We were walking out to our lesson and as I was going through the doorway, I tripped – really just stumbled because I am Very Bad at walking. No big deal, except I caught myself… on his rein. Meaning as poor Arch is walking through this doorway he already has lingering trauma with, his mom YANKS on his rein for no reason. He jumps forward, convinced this is The End and pulls away from me. A little freaked out and now loose, he decides to tour the farm solo. When I caught up to him, I was greeted by this:

Oh yes, he managed to break not only my reins (in two places), but also the cheekpiece on my nice Antares figure 8. I was not very happy. Am not very happy?

Archie: “Heard you were getting some stimulus money mom. I’d like a new bridle!”

So, shopping I go for reins (should be easier than it is, but COB LENGTH) and and a new bridle. This is like when your parents go “Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy Valentines Day, Easter, Arbor Day for the next six years.”

He JUST got a new cooler which kind of resembles a luxury bathrobe but hey

He’s lucky he’s cute.

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  1. I always get weirded out when I have to walk a horse through a person door, so Archie and I are on the same page here. Still, that’s super frustrating about the bridle! I broke the reins on my fancy Dy’On doing something dumb, and am still butt hurt about it.

  2. That’s sucky!
    I once just a stall door with my rein stuck in it on a brand new, never been used bridle. Horse pulled away and it broke. But it was bought as a schooling bridle and was nowhere near the price of an Antares! (Plus, they were laced reins which I hate and never use.)

  3. Irish has been difficult leading through these doors too. He’s way better now but I don’t 100% trust him. Thank heavens he has a cute face.

  4. Archie’s all, “If you’re gonna do something, you do it fully.” Sorry about your bridle that really sucks! I’ve never had one that nice, but I can fully imagine the trauma. Someone once said to me, “It’s only money, you can always make more.” I suppose that applies here.

  5. Archie just wanted a new bridle. This is why I have the Edgewood I bought from you on Remus’s bridle at the barn. For things like this (Kids ride him I dont trust kids HA). But go figure he hasnt broken it. Good luck finding a bridle you like that doesnt break the bank 🙂 Also I fell over a cat the other day and managed to not fall down? win win!

  6. ARGH!!!! Poor Antares! Also ugh tripping. I always seem to catch a toe on something so I feel your pain! Dante broke my favorite pair of reins last year and I just got some new ones in January… I honestly can’t believe I used the reins I hate so much for almost a full year, but I am stubborn lol

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