Saddles for Shrimps

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Not these shrimp.
(Yes, that is Paula Deen riding a shrimp. The internet is a wonderful place.)

I think we can all agree that saddle shopping is just maddening on a good day. Add in the fact that I’ve tried NINE (yes, 9) dressage saddles so far and haven’t found one… I’m losing it.

Doc has a perfectly well-fit lovely dressage saddle. But… it fits his owner. Who has about 7″ on me, I’m pretty sure all in her legs. It’s basically impossible for me to use my leg in it. What the neverending carousel of horrors saddles has taught me is that I need a short flap. Like, 14.5″ or 15″ short. I sat in a barnmate’s and I swear angels sang because I learned I have LEGS! They exist.

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Sitting in a short flap dressage saddle for the first time

Unfortunately, when you add in short flap + not-a-kids-size-seat and toss in a side of princess and the pea pony – large wither, big sloping set back shoulders, curvy back and LOTS OF OPINIONZ, suddenly you find yourself being quotes $6000 for a custom saddle and you kind of just slither away to cry.

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Getting that quote…

Doing BN dressage in a jump saddle surely isn’t the end of the world, but… it’s also not my favorite. And now that I’ve experienced the magical short flap dressage saddle, it’s all I think about. And dream about.

So, uh, if you know of a magical 17.5-18″ MW or W short flap dressage saddle with half/short blocks to fit a curvy back that won’t mean selling organs on the black market, hit a girl up?

Or, if you know anyone looking to buy a kidney, that might work too.

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  1. Ugh – at 5’nothing tall, I feel your pain! My jump saddle looks kind of ridiculous – 17″ seat and child sized flaps. But the flaps fit me perfectly!
    I cringe at the thought of trying to find a dressage saddle. It’s not just the short flaps – I also need nothing under my knee. No padding. And because I’m on a wide horse I can’t ride with really long stirrups, so my knee is still pretty high up on the flap. Not gonna find this easily.
    Eventually I hope to try general purpose flaps for my Wow saddle. Cut a bit more forward and a bit shorter than dressage flaps. And I can get it with moveable blocks. One day…

  2. This post gave me all the feels hahaha.

    Literally, the only reason I am selling my Dressage saddle is to fund a custom jump saddle because I have given up on the idea of finding something used to fit May and me. I figure one really well fitting jump saddle is better than a great Dressage saddle and a so-so jump saddle. Right?? This short girl can only hope.

  3. Saddle shopping- the literal WORST.
    Also, to compliment that unhelpful statement, maybe you can sell Plasma? A little less invasive than kidneys…

  4. The only thing worse than saddle shopping is horse shopping. The best solution I’ve found? Lots of wine and tacos. Or beer and mac n cheese. LOL

  5. I had a Michael Stokes Centaur short flaps (15″) dressage saddle MW I used on my senior Quarter horse; worked well. Think you can find them pretty easily (Pelham Saddlery, ebay, etc.) I ride in long jods and paddock boots though; have old fashion tall boots and breeches for dressing up.

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