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These are fun to read from everyone else, so I thought I’d add mine! For reference, I work from home most Wednesdays and Fridays, but occasionally other days during the week as well, just depending on meetings and current projects, etc. I’m in a business strategy/HR type role in the veterinary industry, so I’m pretty flexible depending on the time. My projects come and go, so certain times are crazy (um, last week?) and others are a lot slower (late summer this year). I’m also on call essentially all the time to deal with various HR things, so while I’m getting better about turning off my phone/e-mail, I’m always aware of it. I’m lucky enough to only be 20 minutes from my office, but I’m a solid 45 to the barn without traffic.

Doc gets Mondays off typically, his owner/Trainer C rides on Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday and I ride Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. This is all a little variable depending on C’s job, so I occasionally will pick up a Tuesday or Thursday.

Other things obviously vary – sometimes I have to work early or late (hi 7am Friday meetings!), sometimes the dog comes with me to work so I have to run him home if I’m going to the barn, sometimes the weather epically sucks and I go home and eat cookies. Such is life.

online dating donegalThings change a little bit in the summer when I have more light in the evenings or it’s really hot, but this seems to be the consistent schedule for now. Of course, I’m already planning on moving to a new house in the spring because I apparently hate settling in and I’m sure everything will change… again.

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    1. I actually had to turn my work email to not automatically retrieve emails on my phone because I was going crazy answering emails at all hours of the night.

  1. I only work from home when I get snowed in, but I think I’m a better employee from there. I don’t have to take an 1:15 minute lunch to drive home, tend to the critters and drive back those days! Plus I’m far closer to starting on time when the office is in my house.
    Major props for the flow chart. I like a good visual!

    1. I feel like it’s just a trade off – if I’m at home, I waste time playing with the dog or dawdling around, but if I’m in the office, I waste time chatting with people and snuggling dogs. All comes out the same in the end?

  2. Ok this is the BEST flow sheet ever! Seriously, I llove it.

    p.s. thanks for feeding my addiction and tagging me in the sale insta post for the Kastel green merino shirt- I totally bought it and I love it!!!

    1. Oh girl, I am a top notch enabler. I browse/shop constantly so I love (and my own bank account loves…) finding deals for other people. I’m glad you love it though, it was just too itchy for me!

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