It’s on the internet, guys!

I have a bizarre love of shopping some of the random Chinese online stores – like Chinese Amazon, but not? Every once in a while I find real gems at super cheap prices which makes it all worth it. The other reason it’s all worth it are the hilarious things I come across.

I searched ‘horse’ thisΒ  afternoon in a fit of boredom and the results were glorious.

Oh look, it’s Lucy in retirement…

How about a new front entry piece for someone?

This is a dog apparently?

Kind of want to buy these just to torment my Jack Russell

This feels like the appropriate way to store post-barn wine bottles

The translation in this is just… a lot.

100% would buy these if they came in adult sizes

I have so many questions and I don’t think I want any of them answered

Actually need this to get me to work every day. Guys, it’s only like $1000!


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    1. They only come in Asian children’s sizes and considering at a US 7.5 I barely fit into their regular women’s sizes… Or I would have already bought them.

  1. Ummm… you know who has child size feet? THIS GIRL!
    Also, I could probably get behind the rearing horse wine holder. But definitely not the crotch stretcher. Nope.

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