Lots of doing absolutely nothing

Riding my horse? HAHAHAHA. You say that like it’s been warm enough to be outside here. Not for this displaced Southerner. (Or as they call me at work… ‘The Tourist’) The average temperature here for January so far has been 16 degrees. Too cold for me!

Just… no.

So instead I got a different way to get around. AKA my new car came!

And promptly showed up (from Texas) in the middle of 5″ of snow. Nothing like having the interior of your driver door covered in snow the day you get it. Also, OMG I totally get why people have all weather floor mats now. And all wheel drive. And snow brushes! Boot trays!

It’s so pretttttyyyyy

So instead of driving to the barn, I’ve been focusing on playing with all. the. buttons. and just getting to work in one piece. One thawed piece. Just in time for work to be totally over the top and in need of multiple 11 hour days. Ugh.

Yes, I turned kennels into my bookcase. Welcome to my office.

I did manage to have a lesson (sob) two weekends ago that went really well. Mainly working on bending and moving off my leg, but also just getting my head back in the game. Which, you know, I’ll have to do all over again when I finally get to ride again.

So instead I just look at my very expensive tack room aka my dining room


This is totally a phase of eventing right?

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  1. my saddle is in my dining room too 🙂 LOL. I am sorry it has been so cold for you but yay on new car. OMG that it arrived in a snow storm 🙂 LOL

    Warmer weather has to be coming for you sometime, right??? stay thawed and safe! 🙂

  2. After growing up in Chicago and then living in NC the last 12 years, I can say the weather is the main reason we didn’t move back after my husband got out of the military. NO THANK YOU!

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