Nov/Dec 2017 Goal Update

We’re obviously into a new year now, but I wanted to revisit these before moving onto 2018’s goals, which I’m thinking about while I’m on self-imposed house arrest because it’s too freaking cold to do anything.


Hiding from the real world like…


  • Improve dressage score at final show of year (Nov 11) – YES. best dating app in sydney.
  • Do not go off course/fall off at final show of year – Yup. Frozen, but stayed on.
  • Confidently get around BN course, however that may be – Never XC schooled, but did get around the BN SJ course well!
  • Find something to stop grazing muzzle rubs on smooshy nose – Fuzzy halter covers!
  • Work on not periscoping head around, and instead taking the comments from our last dressage test: “lower neck to connect through back” – Um. It got.. better? Ish? We’ll call it 50%
  • Work without stirrups every ride, increasing time – Not every ride, but between bareback and dropping stirrups, probably 80% of the time?
  • Ride bareback at least 3 times – Yup!


  • Workout at least four times while home for Thanksgiving – hahahahahahahah. No.
  • Put money away for saddle fund – Yes! Not as much as I’d like (uh, thanks car), but something is better than nothing.
  • Read a book instead of binge watching television – I read some books. I also binge watched some TV. We’ll call it a draw.
  • Snuggle with Lucy horse at my parents’ house – Yesssss. Cookies and snuggs.

I’m calling that success. Granted… a lot of those were softball goals. But I’ll take the wins where I can get ’em. I’m working through 2018’s goals, breaking them down and figuring out where I want to be in 12 months, but there are some things still up in the air that throw in some uncertainty. Needless to say, they might not won’t happen before the 1st, but they’ll happen.

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