Nov/Dec Goals

I’m planning on doing a larger yearly goal breakdown (oh, it’s gonna be a total dating apps to hook up ’cause that’s what happens when your LIFE IS STRATEGY), but wanted to do some short-term goals between now and the end of the year. Mainly because it’s now dark and cold and the blankets on my couch are really soft so I need to do…something.


  • Improve dressage score at final show of year (Nov 11)
  • Do not go off course/fall off at final show of year
  • Confidently get around BN course, however that may be
  • Find something to stop grazing muzzle rubs on smooshy nose
  • Work on not periscoping head around, and instead taking the comments from our last dressage test: “lower neck to connect through back”
  • Work without stirrups every ride, increasing time
  • Ride bareback at least 3 times
Hang out with Lucy aka feed Lucy cookies because she is obviously starving to death in retirement


  • Workout at least four times while home for Thanksgiving
  • Put money away for saddle fund
  • Read a book instead of binge watching television
  • Snuggle with Lucy horse at my parents’ house

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  1. I hear you on the books>television. I had to put that goal in place for myself a year or two ago. Fast forward – it’s been a big success and I really sleep better after reading vs. TVing lol

    Best of luck through the homestretch of 2017.

    1. I love to read, but I have to be super careful reading before bed because I have ZERO self control and will stay up all night to finish a book. I was totally that kid who got in trouble reading under the covers with a flashlight!

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